Dare to Go Deeper Week 3: Be Who You Were Made to Be

March 26, 2010

As we Dare To Go Deeper, one question we must ask ourselves is: Why do we live our lives in the shadow of what others think or expect? We put so much emphasis on other people’s opinions of and about us, thoughts of what we should do, or who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing. Their thoughts, their actions, and their inactions toward us create weight that we choose oftentimes to bear. We have no control over others, so in spite of them, we need to ensure that our minds and our hearts are oriented toward God’s perfection of us. The enemy’s plan is to kill, steal and destroy, and he does this by distracting us with things, people and circumstances, including our own thoughts, that take us off track from what God wants to do with and through us.

God wants three things from us: our faithfulness, our fulfillment, and our freedom in Him to fulfill our God-given destiny. God has a plan for us and created us to be “perfect:” a perfect version of ourselves, the way God intended and the way He sees us. Our journey is to help us grow to become more and more like that person He has created. That is our destination.

If we continue to hold on to all the things that have happened to us, been said to us or those things we’ve done to ourselves, our destiny will be shaped by those things. We continue to search for ourselves because we are holding on to the lies we’ve been told and the lies we’ve told ourselves. We struggle to hold on to things and ideas that are not true. If we can let go of all those things that we “think” we are made of and let God show us who we actually are, we can allow the sometimes small glimpses of God’s creation in us to guide us and, eventually, develop into that person with God’s help. It takes our cooperation and willingness to “let go and let God.” In order to be fruitful and productive for Christ, we must be free to be who we were made to be.

What ideas and things are you holding on to so closely that you are not able to get to your true identity?

Will you Dare To Go Deeper with Christ?

© Kevin Dudley


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