Dare to Go Deeper: Week 4

April 6, 2010

Last week, in our series Dare To Go Deeper, we asked the question, “What is it that you are holding on to that is not allowing you to see your true identity?” This week, we’ll dig deeper, using Jesus’ example of giving up self in order to gain your self.

In John 1:14 – 18, Jesus shows how he moved aside all of what He had, His glory, His reign, in order to become one of us.  In giving everything, Jesus gained everything and all that He was, was revealed for us.

We touched on how we keep searching for ourselves because we are caught up in the “stuff,” suffocating who we really are.  Most people wear make-up and either become the clown or the classy lady.  Classy ladies wear make up to accentuate their natural beauty.  The clowns wear layers upon layers of makeup to cover up their features and can forget what they actually look like.

We cannot escape the circumstances of our lives.  We can be conscientious and submit to God, laying down everything before Him.  It is a process, a difficult process, but as we see in Jesus’ example, by laying down His glory, all we see is Jesus’ glory.  By laying down our lives, we gain the ability to find ourselves.  We are free to be who God intended us to be.

This week’s challenge is to take inventory of your life.  Look carefully over your life and write a list of how you see yourself and how you define yourself.  Chart out the significant events and things that were said or done to you.  Look objectively at how you have been living and be real about who you have allowed yourself to become.  Relationships will typically challenge you to take a good look at who you are.  People act the way they do because of the things they have allowed.  For example, we are insecure or attention-seeking, or have a sense of unhealthy self-confidence for a reason.  We can’t blame everyone else for what is coming out of us.

It takes courage to actually look in the mirror.  It takes time and it takes processing.  In order to be healthy, we have to do the hard work internally.  It can be a difficult thing to see what you have allowed yourself to become.  The good news is, once you can acknowledge the things that you have allowed in, you can get free to become who you were meant to be.  God is working with us and needs our cooperation in order to help us grow into that person we were meant to be.

Do you Dare To Go Deeper with Christ?

© Kevin Dudley


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