Dare to Go Deeper Week 6: Evaluation Time

April 19, 2010

The last week in our series, Dare to Go Deeper, we asked you to challenge yourself by taking inventory.  Taking inventory of your life and of who you are; of how you see yourself and truly define yourself.  Prayerfully, it has been eye-opening, life-changing and moving you closer to Jesus and the authentic you that God created you to be.

This week we’re going to look at re-evaluating what is really important in our lives.  As stated before, we typically get forced to deal with who we are within relationships – spouses, children, close friends, co-workers, church folks.  These relationships as well as other events in our lives may cause us to define what our priorities are.

What defined Jesus was grace and truth.  Grace is the space God gives to each of us to walk in His blessings.  Even as we get off-track at times, God gives space to get back to what He has for each one of us.  Truth is the real reality of what is going on in our lives.  God desires for truth to be revealed and without it, our lives can become a false reality.  Our life is at stake – the life God designed for us to live.  We can continue to run from God’s desires for us or we can choose to walk the journey toward Him and His plan and purpose for our lives.

Jesus never strayed from His purpose.  He never veered from living out grace and truth.  Jesus knew the significance of the Law of Moses and lived in such a way to walk that out.  His life then became a benefit to all those around Him that believed and were followers of Him.

God call us to get beyond our own behavior and ourselves and believe Him.  Believing God and not just believing in Him.  He calls for us to become more than church member.  He calls for us to become mature followers of Christ that desire to live the life He has designed for us.

We spend time and energy and end up settling for many things that are just not that important: Jobs, friendships, careers, hobbies, material items.  The fact is, if you died tomorrow, your employer would replace you.  The committees will find someone else.  Friends will mourn, but will move on with their lives.  Material goods will come and go and we will always have less than or more than someone else. We cannot get “caught up” spending all of ourselves on those things that will pass away.  It leads to spinning our wheels and continuing that “emptiness” that can only be filled by chasing our desire for God.

We need to ask ourselves a few key questions to gain perspective.  What can I do that is going to add value to the Kingdom of God?  What is life or death for me?  What is non-negotiable?

Many have experienced a life-changing event, such as illness, divorce or job loss, that puts these  things in perspective.  God will sometimes move things out of the way so there is nothing for you to fall back on.  You must depend on Him in these times in order to gain a proper perspective.  We will get “wake-up calls” in life when we are not paying attention and are off track.  It is our choice to hear God before the “wake-up call” or to wait until it happens.

Ask yourself:  What am I really living for?  Who am I really? Am I listening to what God wants for me or am I caught up in my own desires?

Will you Dare to GROW Deeper in Christ?


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