Dare to Go Deeper Week 7: Being a Blessing to Others

April 26, 2010

Last week in our series, Dare To Grow Deeper, we re-evaluated what was important in our lives.  This week, we’ll expand that exploration and delve into how we can be a blessing to others in our relationships and in our other efforts.

After you have determined what is of kingdom value in your life and what is of significant value to you, to respond appropriately is to respond to be a blessing to others.

As we stated last week, Jesus exuded grace and truth.  Always.  He was consistent in his purpose and in his value to the kingdom of God.  Jesus knew his walk and, although difficult, he was determined to follow God’s will, regardless of how much he would have to give.  Jesus emptied himself so he could be filled.  He became available to be filled with something for someone else.

There are specific kingdom principles that are always at work.  In the natural, they oftentimes make no sense.  But these are the laws of God.  Becoming nothing in a human sense, means that you can gain everything from a supernatural source.  Holding onto something in the natural means that you will never have enough; you will never be filled.  An example of a kingdom principle is that if you are content where you are and you are holding onto something that is not from God, you will never have enough.  This dissatisfaction will connect to everything concerning your life.

How does this connect in relationships?  If you are content with holding onto your side, your opinions, your way of doing things, you will never have “enough” in the relationship.  You have to be able to lay down your side and your own “stuff”  in order to gain a mature, healthy relationship.  If you continue to hold onto your expectations of someone, you will find that you will never be satisfied.  If you let go of any expectations, somehow, willingly, everything will be there that you need, in time.  If you release the person, God has room to work.  If we maintain what “control” we think we have, God has no space to move.

When we let go of what we think is owed to us because of how we believe others should act, we will continually be disappointed and frustrated.   When we let go, it puts us in a place to be open and see how God will move.  We have to let go of what we believe is “fair” or “ideal.”  We have to learn to be content and let God be God.  When we become healthy Christians, we can live in the midst of drama, confusion, and issues and not let the scenario overtake us.  We can remain grounded in Christ, trusting God and knowing that as long as we are operating within His will, He will move and our difficulties will be resolved in His time, in His way.

What areas do you need to let God move and let go of your own expectations?  How can you remove your frustration and allow God to change people the way He wants to change them, and allow yourself to be changed at the same time?  These are the blessings that continue to bless us over and over.  A relationship with God that allows our growth and the growth of those around us.

Will you Dare to Grow Deeper With Christ?


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