Dare to Go Deeper Week 9: Deal With Yourself

May 11, 2010

As we focus on our journey through the wilderness and our growth during this process of “Daring to Grow Deeper in Christ,” we realize that the difficult experiences are just milestones along the way.  These are not our destination spots, but points that allow us to experience Christ and grow deeper with Him IF we allow God to work in and through us, stripping us of the things that are not of Him, and having those things released that God placed in us from the very beginning.  Our destiny is formed in our identity; in who we are in Christ; and our destiny is tested in the adversity that we face.  We grow most often as we face our struggles, not when it is calm.  We choose to walk through our wilderness or we choose to stay stuck.

In order to be fully a part of the community of Christ, we have to deal with ourselves. God desires for us to grow into healthy, mature Christians.  Part of being healthy is learning that you cannot depend on anyone but Christ.  Those seasons when you find yourself alone, you find that the only one that you can count on is Christ.  When Jesus was in the garden, he was alone.  Although Jesus was praying to God, God was silent.  Sometimes, we only have the Word of God to hold us and keep us while we wait for God to respond.  Not responding to the enemy during these times is key to our growth.  The enemy’s plan is to deceive you.  If you haven’t given up yourself and let go of your ego, the struggle will be about protecting yourself instead of letting God develop you.  When the test is about God and not about you, God can reveal the fullness of what He has put in you and He will get the glory.  If it is about you, you will focus on what you believe you need and not receive all that God has for you.

We must continually empty ourselves so God can fill us.  We don’t want to get in the way of what God wants to do with us and through us.

Are you choosing to become a healthy Christian?  Are you emptying yourself so God can fill you?  Who are you depending on during your wilderness experiences?

Will you Dare to Grow Deeper with Christ?

© Kevin Dudley


One Response to “Dare to Go Deeper Week 9: Deal With Yourself”

  1. Tanya Palmer Says:

    Pastor Dudley! I so needed this WORD today! May God Continue to Bless You,Your Family and Your Ministry.

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