Dare to Go Deeper Week 10: Renew Your Mind

May 19, 2010

As we continue to review Luke 4: 1 -13 in our series Dare to Grow Deeper in Christ, God calls for us to renew our minds constantly.  He calls us to stand under His authority, not to operate under our own.  As we do this, there are three points to consider: our security and where it lies; the simplicity of our faith and how we maintain our sanity through our growing process.

In Luke 4:3, the devil said to Jesus “If you are the Son of God,…”  We go through periods of questioning who we are.  Jesus knew who He was.  He did not argue with the devil, but simply stated God’s word back to him.  We need to be secure in who we are in Christ and not doubt.  God calls for us to believe Him, not just believe in Him.  Where does our security lie?  In our finances, our things, our family and friends?  In ourselves?  Or does it lie firmly in God and God alone?

Secondly, we tend to make Christianity very complicated with man-made rules and regulations.  Man’s rules tend to go against the very things that God wants us to understand.  His spiritual ways are not like the natural ways of man.  When Jesus replied to the devil “It is written…” each time the devil tried to tempt Him, He was speaking God’s Word only.  If we learn, focus and follow the Word of God, speaking it to our situations, situations work themselves out.  We need to feed ourselves on the Word in order to do this.  In Luke 4:8, Jesus speaks of “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.”   We must ask ourselves who or what we are worshiping.  Where are we spending time and energy?  When we spend time with God and learn His Word, we are able to bring His Word to remembrance when we face our mountains.  We can speak against them, just as Jesus did to the devil during this passage.  In Luke 4:12, Jesus speaks of not putting God to the test.    God will let us go as far as we choose with Him.  God will let us lead and fail, but wants us to be obedient and follow Him.  God’s power can move mountains.  It is important to not test God, but to follow Him in obedience and do what He has called you to do, utilizing His power wisely.

Finally, we must look at our thinking.  Wrong thinking can get us in bad situations.  If we choose to go in the direction that God has spoken, the struggles will be God-ordained and not of our own doing, meaning that God is working through our struggles to grow us, instead of us leading ourselves in more drama.  If we ask ourselves what God has said about whatever situation we are dealing with, many questions can be resolved.  It becomes a matter of waiting on God to speak.  People have struggles because they are not paying attention to the Word of God or they believe a corrupt interpretation of the Word.  We have to study the Word and pray in order to get the correct interpretation of His Word.  Spend time with God to hear what He is telling you.

What is God speaking to you?  Do you believe in God or do you believe God?

Will you Dare to Grow Deeper in Christ?

© Kevin Dudley


One Response to “Dare to Go Deeper Week 10: Renew Your Mind”

  1. valerie lawson Says:

    Pastor Dudely iam going to give this comment in 3 sections: first it was really good to start reading Dare to grow Deeper as i was reading it felt like u were right in front of me preaching. Loved it. Second i feel within my heart and living that i have grown spiritually i become more relaxed and not letting negative living take over me so with that i say and feel in my heart that I Believe in God unconditionally and i need him to survive and yes i know this and have accepted it in my life.and finally yes all my life all my negative thinking has really put me in some very bad situations, now i let things marinate in my mind focus on it a say what would jesus do? through the Grace of God here lately i have been succeeding in doing whats right and treating people with love and kindness. So as always i thank u for ur words they always do me good and make me happy and blessed that I Believe In such a awesome man Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Thanks again

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