August 29, 2011

Our Journey through the book of Revelation

 As we dig deeper regarding the witnesses discussed in Revelation 11, we realize the 2 witnesses represent the Living Word, Jesus.  Some may even go as far as to say one witness represents the Old Testament while the other represents the New Testament.  A key point to remember is The Word these 2 witnesses represent is living, neither static nor stagnant, just as Jesus is Living.  The Bible is useful only to believers and those who have been awaken by the Holy Spirit.  It is not useful to those who are not in relationship with God.  Even with the importance of the Bible, the unfailing Word of God, we must not allow ourselves to be so protective and fixated on the physical book called the Bible.  If we do, we will miss what it testifies to, which is a life-giving resource and access to Jesus. 

 The signs and wonders outlined in verses 3-6 illustrate as days progress closer to Jesus’ return, God will give his people more and more access to power to magnify their witness.  Due to the constant bombardment of distractions in the world today, people are paying less and less attention to what God is saying and doing around them and more attention to things/events/people that are not of God or like God.  The sign itself is not as important as God’s presence and power behind the sign.  So as the world continues to intensify its rejection of God, the response to the rejection will intensive as well. 

 The olive trees mentioned in verse 4 signifies strength.  The olive tree is one of the strongest trees in history and it still lives today.  This strength represents the perseverance God has deposited into these 2 witnesses and into us as well.  To stand strong during less than ideal circumstances is not for their own glory or by their own power but for the importance of delivering the message of God’s power and glory during less than ideal circumstances.  The lamp stands mentioned in this verse signifies light.  The shine/glow of lamp is most visible and noticeable in the dark and much less visible if the area is already well lit.  Just as with the Bible, the lamp stand in this verse was needed for God’s people and not people who were not in relationship with God.

 In verse 5, the fire is a prime example of God’s intense response to people’s intense rejection of God.  Although fire consumes, it also purifies.  Though the power of the fire here seems to imply God giving the witnesses more power, it really shows how the witnesses were more and more available to what God was doing through them.  The intensity of this verse also points to the fact that our battles are always a battle for life.  A life defined as an eternal intimate relationship with God and not life according to the world’s standards or definition.  The role of the prophets here and the prophecy which we experience today is to try to remove the obstacle and distractions so God’s people could more clearly see and experience God

 The significance of the sky being shut, in verse 6, is both important and timely.  The sky represents rain.  As Pastor Dudley has mentioned various times throughout this study in Revelation, during time in which this book was drafted, the author lived within an agricultural society.  Here the sky means rain.  The rain waters the crops. The crops feed people so people can live.  Now, if the sky is shut, no rain equals no life.

 Have you ever wondered why God has you in the middle of what appears to be a dismal and dark circumstance?  Do you let your light shine for others to see the way or for your own recognition?

As always, your comments are appreciated and welcomed.

© Kevin Dudley


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