Wanted, Men in the Church

October 24, 2012

Black men, unlike any other group, face unparalleled psychological, social, economic, educational, and occupational challenges. The Black church has always been an outlet for Black men to cope with personal and societal difficulties. Unfortunately, Black church membership among men has dwindled to just about 30%.

The Church at North Pointe wants to lead men back to church and demonstrate to them irrespective of their psychological, social or economic position that a pathway to Christ is a pathway to real and abundant life. Through the Men’s Fellowship Group Ministry, the church attempts to have a transformative impact on the lives of men. The Men’s Ministry aims to build strong and faithful men, leaders within the community, role models, and students of the bible. Each 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month the Men’s Fellowship Group invites and embraces all men to share in the discussion of biblical scriptures, sermons, and personal testimonials. Men come to develop friendships, share their enthusiasm for the Word, and together go on lifelong journey of devotion. These enduring men embody faith, service, humility, and are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of men, the Church, their communities, and society.

Osei Appiah

If you would like to get involved contact: Osei Appiah at appiah.2@osu.edu


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