November 28, 2012


As I think about this thought for today, I think of yesterday how well I remember and how hard it is for me to forget. There is so much to hold on to and little to let go of.

How can I move forward, how can I see the future?

Everything revolves on yesterday, nothing in today because I haven’t even began to live for today. Oh what about tomorrow can I even breathe for that day? Will I be stuck in time remembering those things which are behind?

Is there someone who can tell me about the tomorrow I have yet to live or even the today I need to yet see?

Where does all of yesterday go, if not in the minds of our conscience? Where do you find the place to put the time spent instead of the time to share? Can you ever separate them, do they have reason to stick around. What is my purpose for yesterday?

Well, I can see that yesterday is just another day gone and tomorrow must be waited on and as for today, it is a day to live. I have found a place for my yesterday, my tomorrow and my very own today. A place where no one can capture, neither interfere nor destroy but a safe place.

Yes a safe place to where in the time to come, when time has once again past, I can go back dig out, pull up, and remember yesterday.

I love yesterday at times, but then yesterday will leave me behind holding on to bags never opened needing to be closed, stains never cleaned up and a missing piece of the puzzle. But if I hold on to tomorrow I can be fooled by disappointment and discouragement and a loss of hope, however today will leave me breath taking and allow me to view time in its rightful place where it should be and how it ought to be perceived as, time.

There is no place in yesterday for it has already gone, but tomorrow we wait and today again we live not for yesterday.

Why do I hold on so tight to time past? Is there room for time to come or has it past also? I want not to remember but only to forget all that I loved on yesterday so that today can help bring me my tomorrow. There is no time in yesterday nor is there any-time for tomorrow. Today is our yesterday and tomorrow is my today. Only if I knew, only if I can see that time is a value and not a waste. I want to let go of yesterday, I want to leave yesterday like it has left me in times past. No more holding on to what is no longer there. No more visualizing false hopes of time past. No more allowing yesterday to keep me stuck and away from those things that have meaning; Today.

So in remembrance of yesterday, it is clearly today is the official purpose of yesterday to forget, to let go, to forgive, and to love.

Renee Johnson-Jackson


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