I’m Ready for Better

January 11, 2013

Haggai 2:9-1 NIV

It is so easy to say time and time again that we are ready for our blessing. But what does that really mean to us? When we cry out and say we are ready for something better are we crying out to our circumstance or to God. When we are in need of a financial blessing is the temporary fix of an income tax check enough or do we really, truly want BETTER? Getting to better, for a Christian, is a matter of trust in God. We have to trust that He knows what is best for our entire lives, which may be in opposition to what we think is best concerning one or two circumstances. The difficulty that many of us face is the submission that comes along with trusting in God. We have to be ready to give all control over to Him and trust that in His hands, our lives are better.

In this passage of Scripture, we find the remaining people of Israel attempting to rebuild the house of the Lord. They have become discouraged feeling inadequate, comparing their progress to the former temple that stood before. They wanted for the temple they were building what we all want for our lives, they wanted better.  So God, speaking through the prophet Haggai, gives them assurance and instruction on how to achieve better…instruction we can of course, still apply and use today.

First, we have to remember to go after the whole blessing. God does not only go to Zerubbabel, or only to Joshua, or only to the remnant. He addresses all three components as one, each person contributing to the entire blessing – Zerubbabel representing practicality, being governor of Judah; Joshua representing spirituality, being High Priest; and the remnant of the people representing the relational aspect of our blessings. When going after the “better” that is available to us, we must remain practical, pray often and always, and know that a true blessing from God is for the entire community. I am reminded of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians when he says that we are all many parts belonging to one body, each having a different function. Learn the function that God has assigned to you and align your idea of better with that function and how it will impact the world around you. If your talent is not music, don’t abandon your job and home to chase dreams of being famous gospel singer. The best way to remain practical in your pursuit for better is to talk to God and learn what He has planned for you, apply your energy to actualizing that thing, and recognize that a real blessing is for you and for us all.

Second, we must not consider it a failure if we have to go back to the drawing board. The people are frustrated; they are trying to build a temple to God but are under the impression that they are working with less…they want the silver and gold to adorn the temple to make it better. We have to re-evaluate our idea of what better really means. If God wanted—better yet NEEDED you to hit the Mega Millions in order to get to better, he would have made you a Rockefeller. He wants you where you are. He does not need silver and gold to make a temple sparkle. HE is the silver, HE is the gold. He is all you need to get to better. He will “shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land” then he will “fill this house with glory” (vs. 6).

Lastly, we must go knowing that if it’s good, it’s God. If God is good, then anything coming from God is good. And so, anything that is not good is not of God.  It’s as simple as that. Take a moment to look back on the things you have claimed as blessings that may not have actually come from God. I recall leaving a job that I loved to go to a company offering more money. My circumstance convinced me that I need more money but what I really needed was patience. That job caused an immeasurable amount of stress in my life and needless to say, a year later I am no longer there. At the time I called it a blessing because I had a few extra dollars to spend on shoes and nails and other things that produced no benefit to the community, but honestly, it was far from a blessing.

After you have decided that you are honestly ready for better, go. But go after the whole blessing, go back to the drawing board if you need to, and go knowing that if it’s good, it’s God.

© Kevin Dudley


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